1425 Waterproof Rain Poncho with Drawstring Hood Pocket


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Waterproof Rain Poncho with Drawstring Hood Pocket

Portable Easy to Carry Extra Thick Disposable Rain Coat Emergency Waterproof Rain Poncho with Drawstring Hood Raincoat How many times have you forgot your umbrella at home? You never forget your cell phone, your wallet or your keys, right? That is why we have created Railcard. The first Raincoat that fits in your wallet. So, this way you will be always protected from an unpredictable rain by having Raincard always with you in your wallet thanks to its materials & folding technique. 

Features : 

  • Unisex Plastic Flexible Raincoat | Great For Events, Parties, Weddings, Festivals Or Just To Avoid A Dousing From An Unexpected Shower
  • A great alternative to carrying a heavy raincoat while you travel. Easily pack this away in your briefcase or backpack. Perfect for hiking and camping gear
  • Raincoat comes inside the card and it will protect you from your head to your knees during a storm Rain card was designed to fit in your wallet, your pocket or anywhere
  • Compact, light and easy to carry


Weight ( gm) :- 30

Length (cm) :- 10

Breadth (cm) :- 7

Height (cm) :- 2

Weight 0.03 kg


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